Diamond Grid

Diamond Grid creates a surface that is solid, dry and secure, even with constant use and in heavy rainfall.
The grids are extremely durable, with a filled load-bearing capacity of over 1,000 t/m2. They will not wear through even with constant use. Diamond Grid has a wide variety of applications across industrial, farming, landscaping, mining, golf course, parks, civil engineering industries, and many more.
1,000 Applications for 100 Industries - Diamond Grid For a Solid Surface Anywhere

With Diamond Grid you can:
• Prevent natural earth surfaces from developing into muddy unusable areas in wet weather.
• Eliminate surface erosion, potholes, and corrugation.
• Reinforce turfed areas, providing root protection.
• Enable gravel retention and stabilize embankments.
• Provide drainage when filled with gravel​
• Save up to 60% on the cost of concrete slabs
• Concrete costs can be reduced by up to 60% when using DG as the reinforcement structure

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