Lea-Der continues to reach prestigious Land Marks in doing it business

Lea-Der continues to reach prestigious Land Marks in doing it business…
Nominated by the Spruce Grove Chamber for the Alberta Business Award of Distinction is in itself a great award!
To receive a call that Lea-Der is one of four finalists for the Export Award, was great new for the Lea-Der Family…
Award are best when you others see high levels of commitment to do your business diligently, to help fellow business people move forward and to, always, work with clients based on honesty and mutual respect.
Lea-Der has been recognized for creating a world network of partners who have proven to excellent people who are very excited to promote, in their respective countries, the Lea-Der Brand of Human Safety – Environment Protection – Fire Suppression – PPEs and Pipeline Valve Integrity!
When HSE people in many National Drilling Companies talk about Safety, Fluid Containment, on Site Fire Protection and Valve Greasing, the speak Lea-Der!
We are so proud of our achievements and proud to work with several Alberta Partners to sell Alberta Made Products to the World.
To the Spruce Grove Chamber, to the Alberta Chamber and to the Alberta Business Awards, we say: Thank you for believing in Lea-Der, its product and its services….
Darrell Demers, President says it very simply that “Lea-Der is always leading the way and shall do this for many decades to come”!